Eva Lanska was born in April 1979 in Russia. Her father was an artist and her mother, a librarian. Her parents implanted love for reading, books and art in her since her early years. After finishing secondary school, Eva enrolled in the Journalism Department of the Moscow City University. While in Paris, Eva fronted a band, singing in French. Her clips were broadcast by TV and internet channels. After her graduation, Ms Lanska continued her studies at the Journalism Department of the Moscow State University and received her degree in 2005. She was the presenter of a number of TV programmes for a while. First, Ms Lanska was invited to present a series of programmes called «Rare Thing» on Sunday mornings. The programmes were about antiques and art.

A large publishing house in Moscow noticed the talented presenter and suggested that she write a book about the protagonists of her programmes. What she did in turn was offer to write a criminal drama novel. Eva started trying her hand at writing at a young age. By the time of the publishers’ offer she had a few unfinished manuscripts. Today, Lanska has authored four successful novels, writes a number ofInternet blogs, including one for Russia’s Civic Chamber. She is a member of the Russian Writers’ Union. Her fifth book is currently in the pipeline. In addition, she plans to publish children’s books.

Eva Lanska has been socially active for a long time now: she writes a blog and is involved in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. Since December 2009, she has been a member of an international public organisation called the «Union for Social Protection of Children». The organisation has recently organised over 30 important events such as:



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